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Each painting is the result of pure joyful experimentation in the properties of acrylic paint in the pursuit of dynamic organic forms and color with a rich textural surface. Like many contemporary abstract painters, I prefer painting on a supine panel to accommodate dripping, splattering, puddling, scraping, impressing and blowing, and I often use a hair dryer for drying between layers.  For the most part I eschew brushes for a variety of unusual applicators such as straws, acetate, wood slats, rags, sprayers, balloons, etc., to create "natural" effects in a controlled manner. Each of the multilayers is laboriously rubbed before the next is applied, resulting in a crisp polished surface. Lately, (starting towards the end  of Gallery 3)  in an effort to make my paintings more compatible with each other and to make it easier to duplicate a color, I've begun to use only four jars of paint, red, yellow, blue and white, to mix all the colors.  I think this strategy has been very successful. What do you think? 

Acrylic Gallery 2

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