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The more concerned I become with man's greed-fueled disruption of the climate and the foreseeable disastrous consequences, the more I desire to pay homage to the mysterious and inspiring symbiotic processes of nature through my "big picture" images. I want my work to express beauty, balance, harmony, interest, and vitality and to serve as an antidote to the anxiety of the manmade world.

Color is my primary focus.  Layer upon fenestrated layer of paint, each layer an aesthetic response to the previous one, resemble time as in geological stratification. Shadows and form suggest space, movement, and organic elements that are unknown but possible in a micro or macroscopic universe where the future is unpredictable and the past never completely disappears. 

I call my painting biomorphic abstract expressionism. Probably the two painters who have influenced me the most are Ed Moses and Gerhard Richter, though I have always striven to be unique.

"The point is not to be in control, but to be in tune." Ed Moses

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