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Exciting news!  Covid has made us spend a lot more time in our homes, so let's make our homes as beautiful and comfortable as we can.  It's a great time to look at and purchase art! But covid has also hit a lot of us hard in the pocketbook. Considering this dilemna, I've decided in the near future to start holding monthly HALF-OFF sales of randomly selected paintings.  Only those who sign up         above  will receive the link to the monthly sales and be eligible to purchase at half-price. More information will be forthcoming, so please sign up now so you don't miss anything, and then add my email address,, to your email contact list to make sure this opportunity makes it to your inbox. 

                                                  Warm regards,

p.s. If you let me know your favorite paintings, I will give them a bit better chance of being selected for the sales. I really want my artwork to go to "good homes" where it is really appreciated!


Instagram: @MarleneStrussArt

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