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Crossing Over

Image size 24" x  40"  (diptych) 

Crossing Over was used by Park Pictures for its project Bank of America

ABC Studios used Crossing
on the set of How to
Get Away with Murder
Season 6.

Crossing Over was used by Plane Meets Paper in its production of Insecure, Season 5

Crossing Over appeared in Warner Bros. production B Positive


Crossing Over INTERIOR
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Crossing Over - DETAIL
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Crossing Over was used by Palmar Productions in Costume Party.

Epoch Films used Crossing Over in its production Zillow.

Topanga Productions used Crossing Over in its production Call Your Mother

Miequite Productions, Inc used Crossing Over in For All Mankind, Season 3

Crossing Over appears in the Netflix production Hot Dummies

Guys with Books put Crossing Over in its project Purple Hearts

20th Century Fox used Crossing Over in its sitcom How I Met Your Mother

Hungry Man Productions used Crossing Over in a Verizon commercial and Almonds

20th Century Fox used Crossing Over in its 2022 season of How I Met Your Father

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